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After-sales Service

Return Policy

1. Refer to quality issues, please contact our sales representatives within 180 days to discuss the details.

2. For the received parts with wrong P/N and quantities, please contact our sales in 5days in order to double
checking and make some responses timely. If the customer already used the parts, then we may unable to accept
the return request.

3. Before return the parts, pls email to us with the problems in detail, your request become into effect after
getting our RMA. Please with all the copies of PackingList, Invoices and the Postmarks with the arrival date on it.

4. When the returned products were received by South MicroElectronics, Credit Note or Exchange will be processed after QC Department finished the inspection and confirmation.

Damages during Shipping

If the parcel damage occured during shipping, please keep the container as it was, as well as the documents and
the parts, contact with our sales representative or call us to negotiate the solution.
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